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Our selected producers


Welcome to our portfolio section, where our carefully curated selection reflects years of expertise and strong relationships built over time in the industry.

Our philosophy is grounded in the desire to provide our members with truly authentic and representative wines, capturing the essence of the terroir where each winery thrives.

Trusting my instincts, I've personally handpicked gems from three of my favourite wine regions worldwide.

Get ready to meet our exceptional producers and embark on a journey through the finest expressions of terroir from around the world.



Burgundy is nestled in an exceptional geographical setting. The success of its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines is the result of a historic alchemy between grape varieties, natural elements, and the expertise of local winemakers.

With a favorable climate, diverse geology, and its prestigious Premier and Grand Cru wines, Burgundy invites exploration of its wines and terroir, revealing a mastery passed down through generations. Our meticulous selection of producers, guided by numerous visits, travels, discussions, and tastings, was the cornerstone in presenting the very best that Burgundy's wine authenticity has to offer.


In Piedmont, first of all, you can immerse yourself in the authenticity of Langhe wines. Our portfolio showcases the most genuine producers from the renowned UNESCO-heritage hills of Langhe, which are globally celebrated for their unique Nebbiolo vineyards. Explore the world of Nebbiolo, not only from Barolo and Barbaresco, but also from the distinct terroir of Gattinara in northern Piedmont.


Tuscany, renowned for its Sangiovese, takes center stage as we celebrate the genuine expression of single grape wines. Our curated selection showcases the finest and most terroir-driven wineries across the enchanting landscapes of Montalcino and the timeless allure of the Chianti region. But that's not all – we've also included some of our favorite Bolgheri wines and Supertuscans for Bordeaux blend wine lovers.


Our desire to seek out and discover new and surprising wineries has led us in recent years to delve deeper into and get to know better the wine regions of Sardinia, and in particular, what we consider the most suitable area, namely Mamoiada.

Mamoiada is a small area in the heart of Sardinia, over 600 meters above sea level, and has always been famous for its wines. In its granitic soil and the perfect temperature difference between night and day, Grenache (aka Cannonau) finds its perfect habitat, expressing itself in a way completely different from what we are used to. The wines are fresh and characterized by elegance and finesse.